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About Prescott University…

Mission Statement

The mission of Prescott University is to develop and promote high standards of competency, ethics and academic freedom in a learning environment conducive to a enriching and rewarding educational experience. 

We firmly believe that
"The power of the future is the power of the mind."  -- Winston Churchill


The objective of Prescott University is to provide our students with rich and rewarding study programmes that are both challenging, diverse, and affordable. By gaining a solid foundation of knowledge in their chosen field of study, our students will be able to confidently and boldly advance in their prospective professional careers.


The purpose of our degree programmes is to offer students a convenient, flexible, and affordable way to achieve their academic, professional, and financial goals. This will be achieved, in part, through the various comprehensive international distance learning programmes that we offer.

Our Distance Learning Programmes

Prescott is fully accredited by the United Collegiate College Association (UCCA) -- a professional accrediting body established to assess, monitor, and maintain excellence in international distance learning degree programmes throughout the world.

Several years ago, Prescott University formed a strategic educational alliance with Teaching Solutions Ltd, whose sole purpose was to oversee and approve all aspects of course development and implementation related to each and every distance learning programme offered by Prescott University.

Every study programme offered by Prescott University is a "True Distance Learning Programme" -- that is -- each programme of study requires that a student fully participates in the educational learning process.

In addition, we provide all books; course study material, distance learning instructors, and everything else you'll need on your road to earning your degree.

Furthermore, each and every student is assigned their own individual instructor, who is available to answer questions and generally guide the student to successful completion of their course of study.

Our objective is two-fold: First, we want you to successfully earn your university degree. Second, we want to give you sound, professional-level knowledge to serve as a foundation for pursuing your career. Our distance learning programmes will thoroughly train you in many of today's popular professions.

We're here to provide you with the kind of know-how that you'll need to launch your new career; open your own home-based business; take advantage of better opportunities where you work now, or to just further your education.

We are not like other universities out there that ask you to 'post them a cheque' and, just like that you receive your degree! That approach is absolutely unacceptable to us and does not meet the high-level of excellence that we expect and demand of ourselves. 

In closing, Prescott University fully complies with all rules and regulations set forth by the UK
Education Reform Act of 1988, the Privacy Council, the Local Trading Standards Department, and the UK Department for Education and Skills.

The degree awards and qualifications obtained through Prescott University are designed to provide solid academic and career training through convenient home study, not necessarily  as qualifications from a traditional UK institution, such the renowned
London University.

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